How to Sell Your Next Movie With Digital Marketing

How to sell your next movie with digital marketing

It is no secret that nowadays online rules. We watch more videos and films online rather than on TV or at the cinema.
Film festivals have been a traditional funnel to get your film noticed.
Thousands of movies would never be accessible to buy or watched by  general public. 
Even though the film industry is still so behind with digital marketing, it is getting on a radar of independent filmmakers and they slowly realize that they can actually do more than just send their films to the film festivals.


Digital marketing is a summary of all your efforts, tools and techniques online in order to make your film and/or your company noticeable to your ideal audience. 


As a result of learning about you, trusting you and eventually loving you – your ideal audience will buy your movie.
Being a savvy business person (and filmmaking is a business), you want to be on top of what Internet has to offer.

As a filmmaker, you have to grow your own following - your list (commonly used word in the digital marketing world).  That means you must collect names and (or just) email addresses of the people who are interested in what you do. So when your next movie comes out  - you have an audience waiting for it. If you can show that you have an audience – it will be easier to sell your movie to the agent if you decide to go the traditional way.
However the whole point of this site is for you to understand that selling your movie to the sales agent is not the only way to make money.
The bigger your following, the more people know about you, the better the chance that your people would choose your movie when it comes out on iTunes or Amazon. And by having all these email addresses you can notify them directly by sending an email to their inboxes. Make sure that you keep in touch with your audience otherwise they will forget who you are and won’t have much interest in checking your movie over other movies.
You have to understand that even though we love watching the Oscars and dream about getting one, we won’t be able to make an Oscar movie unless we are continuously working in the movie making business. Releasing movies directly to iTunes and Amazon is a great opportunity for you to make money with your movies and continue doing what you love.

The most important part of your business strategy is to have a digital marketing strategy for your company and your film and keep growing your list in order to make the profit.
That means that you will outline the ways you will get noticeable and known to the audience who will be interested in watching and buying your movie.
Two strategies you can start with are content marketing strategy and social media strategy.
Content marketing is any content you create - either in written form (blog posts), videos on YouTube, podcasts or interviews.
Social media is part of digital marketing strategy. Perhaps you already have accounts set up on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. Social media is used to connect with your audience and to get in front of your potential audience by systematically and regularly posting on social media. You post by following your social media strategy plan.
Some marketers would say that you can sell from Social Media, we say – you use Social Media to drive your traffic to your website where you sell. You move these people onto your list and start creating relationship with them.
It is like a regular (offline) friendship. You don’t ask someone you just met to give you money for your next movie or buy a ticket to see your movie. First we get to know each other, we discover that we have similar interests, then we may be interested in learning more about your movie and how we can get involved.
No more sending out “Dear LinkedIn Friend” emails and asking to finance your next project.
If you still decide to go the more traditional way and sell your movie to the network or sales agent, knowing who is your audience, where they are from, having numbers to show to the potential buyers is a very impressive thing to do.
When you can present a digital marketing plan and strategy, your film will be more attractive to the agents. You can either create your marketing strategy yourself (make sure you get your Checklist below and join our Digest bi-weekly email where we talk about it) or outsource everything to an agency like ours. For a one off fee we will create, plan and execute a strategy for your production company and/or your next movie. Check out our Services page to find out more.